Dr. Jude Aguwa is a Professor of Theological Anthropology and Religious Studies at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY. He taught at Abia State University in Nigeria and presently teaches World religions; Monotheistic religions; Myth, rituals and symbols in religion at Mercy College. Aguwa is the author and coauthor of four books, several journal articles and book chapters. His research interests include religions in Africa; African culture, African medicine (the Igbo) and interfaith dialogue. Aguwa was the recipient of the prestigious Olson Endowment Award from Mercy College for the study of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. In 2015, following the abduction of 276 female students from government school in Chibok by the jihadist Boko Haram group, Dr. Aguwa was invited by MSNBC television and other media agencies to speak as an expert on the subject. This was as a result of previous presentations on the subject and firsthand knowledge as a Nigerian.